Geigerin Coverband München

The violinist of LIKE A LADY is Eugenia, who is passionate about the sound of the live violin! Since Eugenia is a professional musician on the e-violin, she can literally perform a wide spectrum of musical styles. She’s able to accompany huge show performances with pop and club music and jazz or classics, and even her very own tracks – Eugenia offers this and much more on the violin. Besides of that, the professional musician is also capable of playing the tango as well as the waltz. The beautiful violinist, born in Russia, started her musical journey in the State Opera and Ballet Theater in Kazan, and after studying she has worked in the State Chamber Orchestra „La Primavera“ where she founded together with a partner, the internationally successful electro-violin duo „Extreme“. Since 2011 Eugenia lives in Augsburg, Germany. A live violin is truly her passion! And what an unforgettable show she is creating: in her stunning outfits, robes, hot dances and daring looks, which make some hearts beat faster – you won’t miss a touch of eroticism. The „dance of the notes“, which the violinist plays with her instrument, matches perfectly with her moves on the stage when the electronically amplified tones of her e-violin give her performance an individual sound. Since Eugenia has already played in France, Italy, India, and China, she also has gained impressive international experience working with her e-violin in front of different audiences.