The term DJane is the name for a female DJ and is meanwhile a recognized profession for a woman at the DJ desk. At the beginning of the 80s the first female radio DJs, who almost secretly dared to take their first steps on the radio, were called „DiscJockelyn“ in disparaging terms. Nowadays this is luckily over. Inna, our keyboarder, cannot only feel the right tone and the right mix in her live shows, but she is also working as a professional DJ, making her perfectly suitable for this job. Her mix is ideally tuned and forces everyone to party on the dance floor. DJane Inna’s image already got stuck to her – it means a great mixture of exquisite musical taste, glamour and an enchanting personality. Her most accurate description when standing behind the desk is „exciting, eye-catching and unique“. Not many DJanes are capable of leading a house and hot beats party until the dawn. Altogether, Inna is always doing her best for the event to become a big success and your guests will definitely be impressed by the professionally and perfectly arranged show performance. One of the many highlights is the combination of piano and deejaying. DJane Inna accompanies her DJ tracks on the Keytar, a special instrument mixed with guitar, piano, and synthesizer. Her exciting and successful career was started in Ukraine, where she originally comes from and was supported by several musical institutions in her childhood. After several tours in the former USSR, she continued her musical studies in Germany. Her released CDs collaborated with the „Luis Borda Quartetto“, and her working as a musical director on the luxury cruise ship „AIDA“,inspired her to become a disc jockey – luckily she made that important decision.