Damenband Like a Lady

A great cover band delivers an unforgettable show, exhibiting great musical talents and entertaining the audience with their charisma. But the Musicians are not the only element of the performance. Besides them, the technical equipment (light and sound specifically) is supposed to fit perfectly to each event. The ladies’ group Like A Lady caters to all these requirements in a detailed cooperation with the agency, in order to deliver true „once in a life time“ performances. Like A Lady as a cover band compares to premium class bands in the modern showbiz. The band is endowed with versatile music styles – so noble gala dinners and glittering ball nights belong as much to their portfolio as dynamic gigs with some of the greatest super hits of the last 50 years from genres like rock, pop, soul and jazz. During the cover bands stage performance you will sense the artists comfort and its powerful atmosphere they create will rapidly infect the audience, gripping them throughout the whole experience. Of course the contact with the guests is extremely important – the singers and instrumentalists of Like A Lady are always  taking care to be on the same level as the audience, to connect with them and develop a great empathy for each other during their gigs, and just to have a great time together. The bands‘ performances are arranged in cooperation with the organizer starting with the show opening up to the encores and guarantee a pleasant and professional experience. However, a few surprises are never missing in every show: 

If you have a sudden wish and would like to request a specific title, it is never a problem for the cover band. The cover shows are usually quite recognizable and yet are presented in a very special way – just Like A Lady with their unique show and instrumentation. Altogether, the ladies from the girl’s group are, together with the great dynamic show acts, visually and musically perfect to enjoy: the performance as a whole and each band member are also sexually attractive and create an unforgettable pleasure for the audience.