Sängerin München Coverband

In every band, the center of the group is the singer. In this band, several top-singers are being used. The singer offers any desired vocal style, such as sensual and soft ballads or rock songs and chilled Easy-Listening-Jazz to soul classics. No matter if it’s a dinner sound, rousing party music or gala evening with the famous „Magic Moments“- our singers perform in every show professionally and in a suitable style for the special occasion, for example in a sweet’n’soft style or rock and metal style. Our power voices are also experienced in hosting live events. In cooperation with our agency, the singer ensures a successful event. The Like A Lady singers have many years of performing experience and the right sense when it comes to cheer up and celebrate together with the crowd. The singer creates the ideal atmosphere suitable for the audience and the occasion. No matter if it’s a 60min performance or a full evening entertainment program –  you can look forward to a great mix of hits & evergreens, songs from musicals and pop, swing and bossa, ballads or a specifically arranged theme evening. The Like A Lady singers create their individual „Female Jazz Sound“ with comfort and entertainment, which makes the audience pursue love, life and freedom. Listen on your own to the vocals perfectly suited to solo instruments of the band such as violin and saxophone – see for yourself and experience the sensuality of Like A Lady.